Snoring solutions that really work extremely effective and low cost

Why Kudosnore?


Our Mission

Our daily work starts with our mission. Our mission guides our actions taken and decisions made.

  • Fight snoring
  • Save sleep time
  • Create happiness

Our Goals

The Kudo company was established on 2005 in Connecticut. As we already know the cause of snoring, we develop, test, and qualify the SnoreFighter with the following goals:

  • Eliminate snoring. An anti-snoring mouthpiece shall be flexible enough to fit virtually everyone and be able to regulate the airflow between the tongue and soft palate and throat to eliminate the soft tissues’ vibration (snoring) during sleep.
  • Low cost. The device is simple and can be manufactured with FDA food standard plastics and sold at a low price.
  • Comfort. The device has a custom fit feature and won’t cause damage of teeth and gums, and most importantly is comfortable to wear during sleep.
  • Convenient to obtain. The device can be purchased without a doctor or dentist visit.
  • Durability and reliability. The device can be used night after night.

Our Values

We bring to the world a quality sleep angel that meets people’s anticipations and satisfies their desires and needs.