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Week 8, 2013


ZQuiet Return Policy  


ZQuiet is a mouthpiece for eliminating snoring. Whiles it stops snoring it may introduce a teeth pain due to the nature of its design. ZQuiet is a ready to use device and does not require a custom fit with the user’s teeth.


Each person’s teeth is unique, the shape, size and alignment are different. An One Size Fit All (OSFA) ZQuiet likely won’t fit with the teeth perfectly which could cause teeth pain in the morning.


ZQuiet understands their devices may not for everyone and offers 30 day trial period with conditions:


1. Must call ZQuiet Custom Service for a RMA – Return Merchandise Authorization number. ZQuiet Customer Service calling number is 800-281-0543 from 7am to 4 pm PST (another ZQuiet web page says 6am to 5 pm PST).

2. Must call ZQuiet Customer Service within 30 days from receiving. Suggest you call for areturn RMA number as soon as you receive the device or within 30 days from purchasing. Not sure if it is intentional or by error, there are some disconnects in their return policy. You may find the infomation below from their websites:

a. Must call within 30 days from receiving for a RMA.
b. Additional $59.95 will be charged after 35 days from shipment.
c. Returned ZQuiet must be received within 45 days.

The 30, 35 and 45 days are counted from different start points. Basically ZQuiet does not know when you receive your item, and you do not know exactly when they ship your item unless you track the transit of your package. For example if the transit of your package takes 7 days, and you call for a RMA number at day 30 from receiving. Your credit card may be charged two days ago and you may be not eligible for refund. Therefore suggest you call for a RMA number as soon as you receive your ZQuiet or within 30 days from purchase.


3. Not eligible for a RMA number after 30 days.


4. Any returns without a RMA number will not receive refund.


5. Returned ZQuiet must be received by ZQuiet within 45 days from when is not specified in ZQuiet websites. Please assume starts from purchase date. It is understood that ZQuiet does not consider the shipping transit time as part of 30 day trial period but the detailed policies create some grey areas the consumers may lose their money if not carefully manage the returns. Any returns after 45 days will not receive refund from ZQuiet.

6. Must include all items originally received in the package including ZQuiet mouthpiece, containment case and instruction. Any booklets also shall be returned.

7. The initial charge of $9.95 is not refundable.

8. Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. It is a good practice to have a tracking number for the returned package.

9. Must call ZQuiet customer service for return address.

10. Must call ZQuiet Customer service for return instruction.

11. Do not send email to request for return.

12. Feel free to try ZQuiet before return. A new or used does not make any difference for refund.