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Week 1, 2013


Comparison: Snorefighter vs. ZQuiet  


How They Work


Both Snorefighter and ZQuiet are oral appliances to extend user's lower jaw forward to open up breathing area in thier throats so that the breathing air is not restricted, snore stops. For more details on how they work, please click and visit web page below:


How Snorefighter and ZQuiet stop snoring.


Can They Stop Snoring


Snorefighter: A statistical record indicates that less than 7% of Snorefighter users wish to return the devices for refund, that means over 93% of users are happy with the results. The device shall work right at first night of use.


ZQuiet: I do not have statistical data for ZQuiet, but the success rate shall be less than Snorefighter because it is not adjustable. ZQuiet offers a fixed offset to keep use's lower jaw extended forward which may be perfect for one person, but may not for others. Adjustability is one of key factor for success.


For more details, please visit the page below:


Custom-fit vs. Ready to Use




Snorefighter: As you may already know that KSF (Kudo SnoreFighter) requires a CUSTOM-FIT with user's teeth. It is a simple, just few minutes process. The fit process not only allows you to gain maximum comfort to wear it, but also is a key factor for success. During the fit process, because the plastic mouthpiece will become soft in hot water, it will allow user to adjust the amount of thier lower jaw's extension. For first time uses, we recommend users to extend their low jaw as far as they comfortably can for success right at first night. KSF allows several repeat fits for searching of the "sweet" spot.


ZQuiet: It is a READY to USE mouthpiece and provides a standard lower jaw forward extension from upper teeth. No adjustment is required. When you insert the device into your mouth, if you feel it pulls your lower jaw forward, likely it will work for you for snoring. For people with underbite teeth, like Koby Bryab, the device may not work at all since their lower jaws are naturally set forward the ZQuiet will not be able to pull ther lower jaws any further forward to free the breathing paths in their throats. For teeth between overbite and underbite, the results may very.




Snorefighter: The custon-fit goes beyond the adjustment for optimal results, it gains maximum comfort. Kudo understands users need to wear the mouthpiece every single night. the custom-fit offers a long term solution for not hurt your teeth, not cause your gum pain, not damage your jaw joints.


ZQuiet: Good thing is it is ready to use. Keeping thing simple. Bad thing is it may cause user's teeth pain. Some may be able to tolerate the pain, some may not. Depends on user's teeth shapes, if the teeth shape perfectly or near perfectly fits the device, likelyhood, not teeth pain or the pain is minimal, otherwise, a teeth pain is hard to avoid. The uses may need to battle between teeth pain and snoring.


Why the Mouthpieces Fall Off from My Mouth


Someone told me that their mouthpieces were in their dog's mouths in the morning because the devices fell off from their mouths and their dogs picked them up.