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Week 14, 2013


Snore and Snorefighter  


Kudo Snoring Research, North Branford, Connecticut, 4/7/13. What causes snore? How does Snorefighter treat snore?


North Branford, Connecticut, 4/7/13. How can I treat my snoring?


I got this question today.


How can I treat my snoring?


I am 20 years old, female, 5'9 and only 9 stone 6.(132lbs) I do not smoke and I'm not a heavy drinker.

I snore pretty badly, often waking my boyfriend up and no matter how I lie it still happens. I haven't tried any nasal strips etcc. as I don;t know where to start.


This summer I am going away for 3 months and living in a hostel type thing where I will be sharing with 5 other people and they will get sick of snoring pretty quickly...


What's the best treatment I can try? thank you!


I have light weight but snore even have sleep apnea problem. So weight is a big contributor for snore but not the only one.


You may first want to know why a man or woman snores, then you will know where to start for treatment.


Snore is caused by the restriction of the breathing passage. The restriction accelerates the breathing air speed in throat. A faster moving air flutters the daggling soft palate and makes noise – snore. Don’t get it? Try to snore. In order to snore, you will need to intentionally squeeze the throat to make the breathing passage narrower thus to accelerate the air moving speed. You will notice the vibration of the palate. The palate is a long and thin tissue that can be easily vibrated. When it vibrates, it excites the air and creates air turbulences >Noise > SNORE.


How the breathing passage in throat is restricted? When a man falls asleep, the muscles relax, the large, uncontained tongue will be floating by gravity. it partially floats into his throat by gravity if he sleeps on his back. The invasion of the tongue in throat narrows the breathing area in breathing passage and creates a restriction.


So if something can contain the tongue not floating into the throat, the man will not snore.


Snorefighter is a dental device to fit into the upper and lower teeth and offers a forward offset on lower jaw. Since the tongue is attached to the lower jaw, therefore the device will shift the tongue forward as well, which enlarges the breathing area in throat. When the man goes to bed with Snorefighter, the device will keep his lower jaw at forward position and creates a larger breathing area than normal in his throat. When he falls in deep sleep, as mentioned above, his tongue will shift back into throat to occupy some breathing area, but because the enlarged breathing area by the Snorefighter, the shift of the tongue won’t create restriction of the breathing air. The breathing air speed will not be accelerated, the Snorefighter de-snores.


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