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Week 15, 2013


Snore, Sleep Apnea and Body Movements  


Kudo Snoring Research, North Branford, Connecticut, 4/14/13. Why sleep apnea patients move their bodies a lot in night?


I got this question couple of weeks ago.


It has become impossible to sleep with my husband as he snores and moves all night?
my husband and I have been together 4 years and we are very much in love, he has snored on and off over the years, but recently it has become worse and he is moving all night, I am constantly waking him up, so he will turn over from his back,( however he snores every position he sleeps ) he steals the covers and take up most of the bed. I now only sleep when he leaves for work which is only around 3 hours sleep. I am becoming very grumpy and the lack of sleep I am getting is making me recent him. he has offered to sleep on the sofa, and I admit when he does I wake up like a new woman, but I feel so bad for allowing him to do that, I enjoy being next to him and I think it is important part of a relationship, any ides that may help us please .


I have tried ear plugs, but I have really small ears lol, and they just pop out, even children's plugs don't work.


There are two scenarios she mentioned in her question – Snore and body movement. They are related but result in different subsequences.


For her case, it is certain that snore was caused by the restriction of the breathing passage, which accelerates the breathing air speed. A faster moving air flutters the daggling soft palate and makes noise – SNORE.


When a man falls asleep, the muscles relax, some large, uncontained masses such as tongue could move by gravity. His tongue partially floats into his throat by gravity if he sleeps on his back. The invasion of the tongue in throat narrows the breathing area in breathing passage and creates a restriction.


So if something can contain the tongue not floating into the throat, the man will not snore.


Snorefighter is a dental device to fit into the upper and lower teeth and provides a forward offset on lower jaw. Since the tongue is attached to the lower jaw, therefore the device will shift the tongue forward as well, which provides additional clearance in throat for breathe. When the man goes to bed with Snorefighter, the device will keep his lower jaw at forward position and creates a larger breathing area than normal in his throat. When he falls in deep sleep, as mentioned above, his tongue will shift back into throat to occupy some breathing area, but because the enlarged breathing area by the Snorefighter, the shift of the tongue won’t create restriction of the breathing air. The breathing air speed will not be accelerated, the Snorefighter de-SNOREs.


Now let’s discuss the body movement in sleep. If the heavy soft tongue shifts further into the throat by gravity without wearing a Snorefighter and completely blocks the breathing passage, the man will stop breathing. This is called APNEA.


An apnea stops breathing, no fresh oxygen rich air gets into lung for exchanging the carbon dioxide in the blood. The oxygen level in blood reduces. When it is lower to a certain level (normally 90%), the brain will be alerted and try to wake the man to resume breathe.


After man wakes up from sleep, the breathe resumes, for most of times, he will turn over to another sleep position. This is why the sleep partner notices the man’s body movement.


The man with sleep apnea wakes up a lot in a night. For the moderate sleep apnea patient, he could wake up 40 times an hour.


Some of sleep apnea patients are not easy to wake up. In order to wake up a man, it requires sending signals to different sections of the brain and muscles. Many times due to many, many reasons, the signals reach their destinations with different speeds and strengths.


If the awaking signal reaches his muscles in legs, he will have a dream to run. The sleep partner may notice the man is running in bed. Someone may laugh or yell loudly.


It is recommended for sleep apnea patients to seek medical treatments. You may contact your local sleep specialist or an ENT doctor.


Similar to snoring, sleep apnea can be treated similarly by a dental device (Snorefighter) to pull his lower jaw forward to prevent the breathing passage from blocked.


For severe sleep apnea patients, your doctor may subscribe a CPAP machine. CPAP machine provide positive air pressure to prevent the tongue from falling into throat, thus allow free breathing.


Untreated sleep apnea could result in serious health problems, such as heart failure, hypertension (high blood pressure), prostate enlargement for men, nocturia (frequent urination at night), even rheumatoid arthritis, etc.


Sufferer of snore is the bed partner, but it will be himself for sleep apnea patient.

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