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Week 6, 2013


Sleep Apnea and Frequent Urination  


North Branford, Connecticut, 2/10/13. This article explains how sleep apnea causes frequent urination at night.


Many people know that one of symptoms of sleep apnea is the sudden cease of the snoring in sleep. Snore is a noise produced by the vibration of small soft tissues in accelerated breathing air. Breathing air will be accelerated when a large tissue such as the tongue move towards the throat and narrower the breathing path. Because of the mass or weight of the tongue is so high, the breathing air is not capable of vibrating or push it away from throat, the breathing air will be restricted and accelerated just like water in a river moving faster in a narrower area. A faster moving air can easily vibrate the smaller, lighter tissues such as long dangling palate, as such, noise produces – that is snoring. A sudden cease of snoring in sleep means the breathe stopping. When a large soft tissue further move towards the throat and completely blocks the breathing, breathe stops and snoring ceases. This is called “Apnea” in sleep or sleep apnea.


Because the body relies on breathing to bring oxygen to lung to exchange the carbon dioxides (CO2) in blood, when an apnea or breathing stopping occurs, the oxygen - CO2 exchange stops, the oxygen level in blood will be low and CO2 is high. The brain senses the danger and wakes the body to retract the tongue from blocking the throat and resume breathing.


Each awakening from sleep will result in a high volume of blood returns to the heart. Tthe heart responds and outputs a high blood flow to the body which drives the blood pressure higher. The body autonomic system sends a signal to the kidney to release the blood pressure. The kidney serves as a pressure regulator to dump water and sodium (salt) from blood into bladder. As such the blood pressure reduces to normal, and urine in the bladder increases.


For a moderate sleep apnea patient, apneas can easily occur two to three hundred times in a single night sleep. So the kidney will be very busy and not rested. The bladder will be filled quickly and frequent urinations occur.


Sleep apnea may not be noticed until day time sleepiness and headache in the morning or acar accident. Earlier diagnoses of the sleep apnea can prevent from many other diseases such as hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, prostate enlargement, etc. When frequent urination in night is noticed, whiles consulting with urologist, you may also want yo see a sleep specialist for a sleep apnea study. Very often I see medical specialists only practice in their area and not study the root causes of the diseases. So some knowledge of sleep apnea and the consequences is important, and many times you will need to help yourself to get the correct treatment.


The sleep apnea is treatable by many ways such as CPAP machine, oral devices and surgeries. A sleep specialist can help to decide the best fit for you.

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