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Q:  How can I treat my snoring?

I am 20 years old, female, 5'9 and only 9 stone 6.(132lbs) I do not smoke and I'm not a heavy drinker.

I snore pretty badly, often waking my boyfriend up and no matter how I lie it still happens. I haven't tried any nasal strips etcc. as I don;t know where to start.

This summer I am going away for 3 months and living in a hostel type thing where I will be sharing with 5 other people and they will get sick of snoring pretty quickly...

What's the best treatment I can try? thank you!



A:   I wrote an article specifically for this question. Snore and Snorefighter


Q:  Every night I’ve been having nightmares I also awake still extremely tired it does not go away. I have also been known to snore or talk in my sleep. Occasionally I do the actions that I am doing in my dream.


A:   I wrote an article specifically for this question. Sleep Apnea and Dreams



Q:  It has become impossible to sleep with my husband as he snores and moves all night?
my husband and I have been together 4 years and we are very much in love, he has snored on and off over the years, but recently it has become worse and he is moving all night, I am constantly waking him up, so he will turn over from his back,( however he snores every position he sleeps ) he steals the covers and take up most of the bed. I now only sleep when he leaves for work which is only around 3 hours sleep. I am becoming very grumpy and the lack of sleep I am getting is making me recent him. he has offered to sleep on the sofa, and I admit when he does I wake up like a new woman, but I feel so bad for allowing him to do that, I enjoy being next to him and I think it is important part of a relationship, any ides that may help us please .

A:  I wrote an article specifically for this question. Snore, Sleep Apnea and Body Movement


Q:  Are there large, medium or small sizes to fit everyone? Or is it one size fits all which lacks a custom fit feel


A:  The Kudo Snorefighter is one size and made of a thermal plastic certified for safe to use by FDA food standard. When the mouthpice become soft in hot water it will be flexible and can be fitted to each individual during the custom fit process.The custom fit is a simple process, just simply soften the mouthpiece in hot water, then fit it to your teeth


Q:  How is the Kudo SnoreFighter molded to fit my mouth? Is it warmed with hot water and then molded by biting down on the warm device? Please explain.


A:  Yes, an one time custom-fit with your teeth at your home is required. Here are the few simple steps:
- Put the mouthpiece in hot water for a short period of time.
-   Put the soften mouthpiece into your mouth.
-   Bite down, then intentionally re-position your lower jaw to slightly forward.
- use your fingers and tongue to push the material up and down to your gum inside and outside respectively.
-   Remove the mouthpiece and put it into cold water for a short period.
-   The mouthpiece is ready to use.

You will see immediate results at first night.


Q:  I have a nasal blockage from an old injury so I need to breathe through my mouth. Do you have a mouthpiece that will allow this and still stop my snoring? If so which one?


A:  The snorefighter KSF-MT is for mouth breathers. It is specifically designed for people breathing through their mouth.


Q:  Does snorefighter give discounts for repeat customers? I thought I remembered that there was a discount available for customers who bought your mouthpieces before.


A:  Thank you for coming back. There is a Loyal Customer Appreciation Program available for repeat customers. As a loyal SnoreFighter user, this program can save you up to 50%.


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Q:  I have a question about Snorefighter Nasal Brether vs. Mouth Breather. How would I determine what is the best for me.


A:  As you can see from the different model's names, it depends on how you breathe during sleep. If you breathe through your nose, you should choose KSF-NS for nasal breathers. Obviously if breathing through your mouth, the KSF-MT for mouth breather will be the one for you. Someone called in and asked me "how do I know if I am a nasal breather or a mouth breather? I am in sleep". For this case, if you do not know which way you breathe through during sleep, I recommend you to select the Universal one KSF-MN for nasal and mouth breather. This model allows you breathe through your nose and/or mouth.


Here is a list of available models:

1. SnoreFighter KSF-NS for nasal beathers
2. SnoreFighter KSF-MT for mouth beathers
3. SnoreFighter KSF-MN for nasal and mouth beathers