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Breathing Snoring

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  • 80% men, 60% women snore
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Nose Strips for Snoring

I went online looking for snoring solution at the suggestion of my sweetheart who has to listen to it all night long. I tried throat sprays, nasal strips, sinus menthol sprays. Nothing really worked.

I found the kudo snorefighter,....

M Campbell


I have had the pure sleep device for over a year and it works well for me. It seems to have worn out over time. Recently I switched to Kudo snorefighter. It appears working better since I breathe through my mouth and nose. The website is not clear, but just share with you, Kudo instructed me to select the special one for breathing through mouth.


Thanks, Wallace


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Week 14, 2013


Sleep Apnea and Body Movement  


It has become impossible to sleep with my husband as he snores and moves all night?

my husband and I have been together 4 years and we are very much in love, he has snored on and off over the years, but recently it has become worse and he is moving all night, I am constantly waking him up, so he will turn over from his back,( however he snores every position he sleeps ) he steals the covers and take up most of the bed. I now only sleep when he leaves for work which is only around 3 hours sleep. I am becoming very grumpy and the lack of sleep I am getting is making me recent him. he has offered to sleep on the sofa, and I admit when he does I wake up like a new woman, but I feel so bad for allowing him to do that, I enjoy being next to him and I think it is important part of a relationship, any ides that may help us please .

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Sleep Apnea and. Body Movement


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Snoring Research

Kudo Snoring Research - KSR Snoring Is a Common Sleep Disorder

Believe or not, snoring is a very common sleep disorder affecting especially men over 40 years old. 86% of men, and 60% of women snore occasionally, while 44% of men, 28% of women snore every single night.
Usually, the person who snores does not know his snoring during his sleep, but the bed partner or family members could be disrupted and can't sleep well.

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